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At Moorheys we have many years of experience in packing and preparing Point of Sale (PoS) Displays for the UK retail trade.

Many blue chip clients trust us with their Contract Packing processes because of the quality and cost effectiveness of our work.

Point-of-sale display (POS) is a specialised form of retail promotion that is found next to, on, or near to a shop/supermarket/retail outlet checkout counter.

Usually, in small retail shops, POS displays are provided by the manufacturer of the products, and also sited, stocked, restocked and maintained by one of their sales representatives. However, this is not as usual in supermarkets as they aim to control the activities of their suppliers because of their purchasing power, and prefer to use their own material designed to be consistent with their in-store theming and store layout.

Common items that appear in POS displaysare batteries, soft drinks, sweets, chewing gum, magazines, comics, tobacco, chocolate, CDs and DVDs. These displays are also useful in outlets with limited floor space, as they tend to utilise vertical space.

POS Displays tend to be manufactured from cardboard and brightly decorated to be “eye catching”.

From a Contract Packing perspective, it is imperative that every Point of Sale Display Unitleaves our facility in 100% pristine condition to safeguard your company’s image. And that is what we do.

If you have a POS Display enquiry, speak to our MD on: 0161 624 7219 

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