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Over Wrap is a low cost method for encapsulating in a tight wrap, box shaped products, which can incorporate a tear tape for easy opening. We are able to support the food industry through investment in clean room facilities. Ink-jet coding and automatic label application machinery are also available.

We already successfully support a number of brand leaders so we are confident we can offer a tailor made quality service that compliments your business.

Moorheys Specialist Contract Packing has high speed wrappers that can run over 120 packs per minute, in both clear and print registered films . Ideal for cigarette packs/chocolate  boxes,  perfume,  CDs & DVDs.

Retail Package

Chocolate Boxes, Pens, Razors and Tea may be the most recognised use of over-wrapping in the retail market. Moorheys Contract Packaging can take your consumer products and wrap them in singles or multiple promo offer. Lot or batch numbering of each package is also available.


Options range from the simple clear and unprinted polypropylene wrap to printed lamination’s. For products which will be contained in a secondary package the clear film is suitable. There are a variety of film which can be printed including foil laminates which provide excellent barrier to odour and moisture permeation.

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